Low Volume Production Service

HAOPROTO provide one stop service from prototype to low volume production. HAOPROTO has CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection molding, die casting and other processes to support low volume production.

CNC Manufacturing

At HAOPROTO, we have CNC machining centers, including milling, turning, EDM etc. Using our imported 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines,our skilled machinists can make CNC milled and turned parts in a range of single block plastic and metal materials. With huge CNC machining capacity ,We can provide not only CNC prototypes for our customers , but also low-volume CNC machining parts in fast lead time and high quality.

Vacuum Casting

One silicone mold can cast about 15 to 20 pieces of parts in PU materials, colors and textures can be achieved directly from the mold. From machining a master part to casting PU parts usually only takes 7-10 days, or even less.


We make great tools for low-volume manufacturing,especially when quantity for hundreds and thousands of parts, we can use aluminum and Steel material to build the mold. To shorten lead-time and reduce cost, we share the mold base and different mold cavity. The material used will depend on the type of resin, characteristics of the parts and the number of parts you required.

We also make aluminum tools due the low volume. The advantage of aluminum tool is fast modeling and most cost-effective. Aluminum is softer than steel mold, so which will be better for smaller volumes. For larger volume production, and durable mold life, we suggest to use steel mold.

Steel tool is harden and more durable, which is suitable for larger volumes or injecting abrasive or corrosive plastics . But it will take longer to produce.

We own our rapid tooling workshop, which makes us have capability to handle all sort of projects from prototypes to production. Molds can be stored well at HAOPROTO for annual demands. We have a wide range of plastic materials to use and can deliver the parts in 7 to 15 days .

Pressure Die Casting

HAOPROTO offers the complete service for pressure die casting . Making the mold tool , die casting and post machining in house . Parts can be in aluminum , zinc and magnesium.


HAOPROTO provides services for extrusion prototype and low volume production. And we can proceed post machining , like punching , drilling and slotting services , which can better control the tolerance to meet your requirements.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

HAOPROTO provides services for sheet metal prototype and low volume production, and also can do all kinds of finishings for cosmetic appearance.

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