Prototyping & Production Capabilities for a Broad Range of Industries

HAOPROTO provides cost-effective and high-quality prototypes and low-volume production services, including CNC machining , vacuum casting, 3D printing, sheet metal prototyping, Structural foaming, tooling & injection molding, pressure die casting, extrusion and surface finishing.

We work with a wide range industries of automotive parts, medical devices, consumer products and industrial equipment. With huge capacity and rich experience, HAOPROTO provides production solutions to reduce product development time and manufacture high-quality products.

Automotive Parts

HAOPROTO has extensive experience in prototyping and producing exterial & interial automotiveparts, like car lamps, instrument panels, bumpers, engine cylinders, etc, for relevent researches, testings, werifications and exhibitions.

Medical Devices

HAOPROTO provides one stop on demand services for medical industry. We make suremanufacturing steps are under strict control and projects develop in short lead time andexcellent quality to meet prototyping and production needs.

Consumer Products

We offer on demand manufacturing services for custom prototypes and low volumeproduction parts of consumer products, which helps to shorten development period andspeed up project promoting in designing and research stage.

Industrial Equipment Parts

The production of non-standard mechanical parts can provide prototype manufacturing and production services for robotics, agriculture, electronics, construction and other industries.

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